Are there symbols and flags for GF/GD?

Of course there are! The oldest symbols have emerged in the Girlfag Livejournal community initiated by Clare T. Rampling and are used a lot since.

Girlfag symbol
Girlfag symbol of Livejournal
guydyke symbol
Guydyke symbol of Livejournal
Girlfag and guydyke symbol

So far so good. However, there are also GF/GD who cannot (fully) agree with the Venus and Mars symbol because they don’t have a binary gender, they might be trans, non-binary, genderqueer, bigender, (cis)genderfluid, etc. To make non-binary GF/GD visible, Paul’a aka Tochter Kampfstrumpf has designed different variants. The following pictures are licensed under CC0 for free use.

A combination of the (old) genderqueer flag and the girlfag symbol:

Girlfag and genderqueer
Girlfag & genderqueer (by Paul’a)
GF/GD & genderqueer (by Paul’a)
Genderqueer/Non-binary symbol

While these flags show that there are non-binary GF/GD, the Venus and Mars symbols will still erase non-binary GF/GD.
So the idea came to combine the genderqueer/non-binary symbol, which you see on the right, with the Venus and Mars symbol.

Girlfag & genderqueer
Girlfag & genderqueer (by Paul’a)

This is how this variant originated. The color selection is just like in the genderqueer flag and the asterisk on the Venus symbol is a placeholder for non-binary genders.

It shows that girlfags are mostly women, but not always/not exclusively female.

Guydyke & genderqueer (by Paul’a)

And, of course, this is just the opposite for guydykes!

Max* has created flags, according to this template, which are very nice to look at and very well designed. Therefore, they are used as a standard on this website. Thanks Max*!

By Max* 2016, licensed under CC0 – free use:

Girlfag flag by Max*
Girlfag flag by Max*
Guydyke flag by Max*

You write an article about girlfags and guydykes and don’t know which flag to pick? We recommend this one:

GF/GD flag by Max*