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Survey in the Livejournal community (2011)


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Magazine & Zines

Queerulant_in, Nr. 6 (January 2014): queer zine with a special “GF/GD in focus” edition

  • Ili: I am something that does not exist (translation)

BUST Magazine (Sommer 2003). Jill Nagle: MANLY, YES, BUT I LIKE IT TOO: A self-described ‚girlfag‘ reveals the truth behind her yen for sex with gay men

BUST Magazine (Sommer 2003). Clare T. Rampling: Who’s that girlfag?

Curve Magazine (Januar 1999). Jill Nagle: Girl-FAG!

Academic Research & Essays

Siri Lindqvist: Girlfags and Guydykes – Too queer for straights, and too straight for queers. Master’s thesis 2019. [Full Text]

Lucy Neville: Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys: Women and Gay Male Pornography and Erotica. Palgrave Macmillan 2018 [Info]

Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli: Women in Relationships with Bisexual Men: Bi Men By Women. Lexington Books 2016 [Preview]

Uli Meyer: Hidden in Straight Sight – Trans*gressing Gender and Sexuality via Boys Love. In: Levi, Antonia et al.: Boys‘ Love Manga: Essays on the Sexual Ambiguity and Cross-Cultural Fandom of the Genre, McFarland 2010 [Info]

Elisabeth Ladenson: Proust’s lesbianism. Cornell University Press 1999/ 2007 [Preview]

Rudolf P. Gaudio: Male Lesbians & Other Queer Notions in Hausa. Readings in Gender in Africa. Indiana University Press 2005 [Preview]

Roberta Mock: Heteroqueer Ladies: Some performative transactions between gay men and heterosexual women. Feminist Review 75, Palgrave Macmillan 2003 [Abstract]

Naomi Schor: Male Lesbianism. GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies 7.3, 2001

Markisha Greaney: A Proposal for Doing Transgender Theory in the Academy.In: More, Whittle (Hrsg.): Reclaiming Genders: Transsexual Grammars at the Fin de Siècle. Cassell 1999

Bruce Bagemihl: Surrogate Phonology and Transsexual Faggotry – A Linguistic Analogy for Uncoupling Sexual Orientation from Gender Identity. In: Livia, Anna, and Hall, Kira (Hrsg.): Queerly Phrased: Language,Gender, and Sexuality. Oxford University Press 1997

Carol Queen & Laurence Schimel (Hrsg.): PoMoSexuals – Challenging Assumptions About Gender and Sexuality. Cleis Press 1997 [Preview]

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick: Tendencies. Duke University Press 1993 [Info]

Susie Bright: Susie Bright’s Sexual Reality: A Virtual Sex World Reader 1992

Thaïs E. Morgan: Male Lesbian Bodies – The Construction of Alternative Masculinities. in Courbet, Baudelaire, and Swinburne. Genders 15, 1992

Mimicry (film)

“Mimicry” is the first movie about a girlfag, shot by Lars von Schuckmann in 2017. For the trailer see videos (with English subtitles). If you want to buy the film, please contact Lars:

Cover of „Mimicry“

Official Facebook page

Entry in the Internet Movie Database

Janet W. Hardy

The American author Janet W. Hardy is a proud girlfag herself and has written about it in the autobiography “Girlfag: A life told in sex and musicals”. She is also known for the polyamory guidebook “The Ethical Slut” and the book “Radical Ecstasy” about the intersection of BDSM, sexuality and spirituality.

Book cover of „Girlfag: A life told in sex and musicals“

Girlfag: A life told in sex and musicals, Beyond Binary Books 2012. (Autobiography) [Preview]

Homepage of Janet W. Hardy

Fair Observer: The wonderful and confusing world of girlfags and guydykes (2015)

Crossdreamers: Q&A: What You Need to Know About Girlfags (2015)

AASECT: Review: Girlfag: A Life Told In Sex and Musicals (Dug Y. Lee, Ph.D, 2014)

Fiction & Comics

Kaisha: Certified Girl Fag. Wattpad 2013 [Autobiographical novel]

Melissa de la Cruz (editor): Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys: True Tales of Love, Lust, and Friendship Between Straight Women and Gay Men. Dutton Adult 2007 [Anthology of autobiographical stories]

Poppy Z. Brite: Enough Rope. In: Tuttle, Lisa: Crossing the Border: Tales of Erotic Ambiguity. Indigo Books 1998 [Anthology of erotic fiction] 

Allison Bechdel: Dykes to watch out for. Alison Press [Comic]
Stuart („Stu“) is a male lesbian, who is in a long-term relationship with a (female) lesbian. The author describes him as „more stereotypically lesbian than many lesbians“

Articles & Blog Posts Newly Out Girlfag Uncomfortable With Term “Girlfag” (2020)

Autostraddle: The L Word’s Lisa The Lesbian-Identified Man: A Trans Symposium (2019)
→ Check out the comment by the user Janus, too!

The Reconstructionist: Girlfags Again: Reflection and Response (2016)

The Reconstructionist: A Love Letter to Girlfags (2016)

Queerty: A quote by Anne Rice who feels like she’s gay (2016)

Scarleteen: “Born female but feeling like an actual gay man and not having a transition is killing me.” (Conversation on a discussion board, 2016)

Posture Magazine: Beyond the Binary: Secret Femme Faggots and Other Fierce Femmes (2016)

One femme we spoke with (…) also sees femmes and fags as circular modalities, blending and stemming from a similar source. Her masculinity is grounded in her femme experience and femme body: “When I’m embodying faggotry and masculinity, to me, femininity is big enough to hold space for masculinity to come inside of it. My femme is big enough to also have these faggy and masculine aspects to it and to hold [this gender expression] as part of the whole.”

Corinne Goldenberg

Jezebel: This 1987 book on male sexuality explains “male lesbians” (Kat Callahan, 2014)

Experienceproject: “I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body.” (Conversation on a discussion board, 2013)

Binarythis: Not quite girlfags. Kylie Minogue and femme queer identity (2011)
→ Check out Janet W. Hardy’s answer, too!

Dailyxtra: Divas & their inner gay men (2011)

The Independent: Eddie Izzard: The tough transvestite who can take care of himself (2004)

I’m a straight transvestite or male lesbian. It seems we are beyond the idea that I am gay and hiding it. If I had to describe how I feel in my head, I’d say I’m a complete boy plus half a girl.

Clare T. Rampling on girlfags, bisexuality and polyamory (2001)


The blog by Jack Molay often posts articles about girlfags and guydykes.

GF/GD & Non-Binary

Crossdreamers: Girlfag on what it means to be genderqueer (2015) Girlfags, Guydykes and how it ties in with a genderqueer identity (2012)

Genderqueerid: Discussion why the word “girlfag” is controversial & how the identity falls under the genderqueer umbrella (2012)

Girlfags & Yaoi/ Boys‘ Love/ Slash Fiction

Out Magazine: W4M4M? (2010)
It never says explicitly, but it’s obvious that this article is about (or at least very close to) girlfags:

In your sexual imagination, why are there no women at all?”

She levels her gaze and answers in a steady, grounded voice. „The plain and simple answer for me is that in my sexual imagination, I’m a gay man. I write to satisfy a sexual desire that I can’t physically satisfy in this body.”

Cintra Wilson

D. Pagliassotti: Are women who draw/read yaoi girlfags? (2009)

D. Pagliassotti: A note on Boys‘ Love & “straight” readership (2008)


BiNe e.V. – German bisexual organisation “Bisexuelles Netzwerk”

Sonntags Club e. V. – LGBTIQ community space in Berlin

HESSEN IST GEIL! – Hessian HIV/Aids prevention project

FAQ-Infoladen – queer-feminist space in Berlin

LGBTQ advisory services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

LesMigras – Anti-violence section of the lesbian organisation “Lesbenberatung Berlin e. V.”

DGTI – German organisation for trans and intersex people

TrIQ TransInterQueer e.V. (Berlin)

Queer Lexikon – Online platform for the LSBAATIPQQ+ youth

IM e.V – German organisation for intersex people– Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN)