Resources for guydykes

Guydykes are less visible than girlfags, often only mentioned and seldom included in GF/GD contexts. To counter that, here is a list of articles, links, and videos that focus on guydykes. Much of this can be found elsewhere on this homepage, but this list gives guydykes an overview. 😉

guydyke & genderqueer, by Max*


Coming-Out Story

“I am attracted to gay/queer women and I strongly identify as such” (anonymous)

Girlfags + Guydykes Survey Analysis: Part 3 (Guydykes)

Autostraddle: The L Word’s Lisa The Lesbian-Identified Man: A Trans Symposium (2019)
→ Check out the comment by the user Janus, too!

Jezebel: This 1987 book on male sexuality explains “male lesbians” (Kat Callahan, 2014)

The Independent: Eddie Izzard: The tough transvestite who can take care of himself (2004)

I’m a straight transvestite or male lesbian. It seems we are beyond the idea that I am gay and hiding it. If I had to describe how I feel in my head, I’d say I’m a complete boy plus half a girl.

Allison Bechdel: Dykes to watch out for. Alison Press [Comic]
Stuart („Stu“) is a male lesbian, who is in a long-term relationship with a (female) lesbian. The author describes him as „more stereotypically lesbian than many lesbians“

Elisabeth Ladenson: Proust’s lesbianism. Cornell University Press 1999/ 2007 [Preview]

Rudolf P. Gaudio: Male Lesbians & Other Queer Notions in Hausa. Readings in Gender in Africa. Indiana University Press 2005 [Preview]

Naomi Schor: Male Lesbianism. GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian & Gay Studies 7.3, 2001

Susie Bright: Susie Bright’s Sexual Reality: A Virtual Sex World Reader 1992

  • „Men Who Love Lesbians (Who Don’t Care for Them Too Much)“, S. 93-98

Thaïs E. Morgan: Male Lesbian Bodies – The Construction of Alternative Masculinities. in Courbet, Baudelaire, and Swinburne. Genders 15, 1992


Small series about a guydyke

„The Man Who Loved Lesbians“

Eddie Izzard at Loose Women

The British stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard talks about her coming out as transgender and about her lesbian sexuality.
One host asks her: “But it’s not about your sexuality. So it’s not about coming out as gay?” Eddie answers:

It’s linked. I wanna be lesbian. I fancied women always, I fancied girls, but I also wanted to sort of be one. But I also got boy genetics. It’s just the genetic codes in there – I have both.