This website is for girlfags and guydykes (short: GF/GD) or sometimes referred to as gay-male women and male lesbians. But these terms are only attempts to approximate a much more complex phenomenon…

Because not all girlfags are actually women. The same applies vice versa to guydykes. Many girlfags and guydykes are non-binary or genderqueer, which means they identify as neither male nor female, but as something in between, both or something else.

So far so good. But then there is also sexual orientation! So how can, let’s say, a more or less female person be gay-male? And a more or less male person lesbian?

Imagine, you were assigned female at birth and maybe you are okay with it most of the time. But you’ve long suspected: There is a male part in you who dreams of being loved and desired romantically and sexually by a man – as a man. And maybe this fact only became clear to you after you came across the term “girlfag” and found out that you’re not the only one who feels that way.

Exactly for those people is this homepage. For girlfags and guydykes, the queer identities that are circling somewhere between cis and trans, homo-, bi- and heterosexuality and are so ambiguous and confusing for the majority of people that they seldom find a place in other queer categories and spaces. But don’t worry: You are not alone and we made ourselves comfortable in the niche!

Genderqueer flag and GF/GD symbols, by Max*

At this point I, Paul’a – editor of this website, would like to say thank you:
To Ili, who launched the first German website for girlfags and also initiated the support Facebook group, the Wikipedia article and the GF/GD in focus issue of the German queer zine Queerulant_in. Many texts on this website are from Ili. Thank you very much for your work and that I am allowed to continue this project!
I also would like to thank the members of BiNe, Bisexuelles Netzwerk  e. V., who have agreed to host this website and support girlfags and guydykes as a queer minority.
There are many similarities between GF/GD and bisexuals: First many girlfags and guydykes are bisexual, second, both bisexuals as well as girlfags and guydykes know how it feels to be invisible and in-between: to be too straight for queers and too queer for straights. That’s why I think a Bi+GF/GD alliance is so valuable. Thanks for that!