Lars von Schuckmann shot the first movie about a girlfag in 2017. More information about the film can be found on the official Facebook page.

Trailer of “Mimicry” (with English subtitles)

Small series about a guydyke

„The Man Who Loved Lesbians“

GF/GD video discussion (GenderqueerChat)

GenderqueerChat is a collaborative YouTube channel where discussions are held on all sorts of topics that are relevant to genderqueer/nonbinary people. In November 2012 there was a series of talks about GF/GD. The vloggers discussed the following questions:

Girlfags and guydykes: Have you ever met anyone who identifies in this way? Do you see any parallels and shared experiences between these identities and genderqueer expressions of sexuality?

Vlogger Stoner Rants about being a girlfag

GF/GD & Non-Binary

The “LGBT and Life Awareness Vlog” and the vlogger Roly explain some non-binary identities, e.g. agender, genderfluid, genderfuck or demiboy in their videos. Girlfags and guydykes are also on the list.

Girlfags at the Tyra Banks Show

In 2006, three girlfags came to Tyra Banks’ Talk Show: Sarah, Bianca and Clare. Bianca is known in the GF/GD community for the article “An essay about girlfaggotry”. Clare created the first homepage ( and wrote the article “Who’s that Girlfag?”.

Bianca James uploaded the video:

Interview with Janet W. Hardy

This interview with Janet W. Hardy took place at the “Sex/Philosophy Symposium”, held 2013 in Sydney at Critical Path.
Janet W. Hardy is the author of “Girlfag: A Life told in Sex and Musicals”.

Eddie Izzard at Loose Women

The British stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard talks about her coming out as transgender and about her lesbian sexuality.
One host asks her: “But it’s not about your sexuality. So it’s not about coming out as gay?” Eddie answers:

It’s linked. I wanna be lesbian. I fancied women always, I fancied girls, but I also wanted to sort of be one. But I also got boy genetics. It’s just the genetic codes in there – I have both.

Songs about girlfags

With links to the Youtube videos

Rita Suszek: Girlfag (Cover of „Bird Dog“ by The Everly Brothers)

(…) first she’ll find a guy – she’s a girl,
yeah they’re gonna try – she’s a fag,
then she’ll find a girl – she’s a girl,
that’ll cause a stir – she’s a fag,
then she’ll go for two
cause this is what you do
when you’re a girlfag! (…)

Book of Love: Boy

(…) I want to be where the boys are
But I’m not allowed
I wait outside of the boy’s bar
I wait for them to all come out

(…) It’s not my fault
That I’m not a boy
It’s not my fault
I don’t have those toys.

Peaches: Two guys for every girl

The song every girlfag must know. 😉

(…) I wanna see you boys get down with each other
I wanna see you do your little nasty brother
Just one thing I can’t compromise
I wanna see you work it guy on guy
On guy, guy, guy, guy (…)